Garden Privacy Screen – Terrace Privacy Screen. Garden privacy in a dreamlike design. With this garden privacy you create your garden Eden

The garden is calling! But if you want to spend some relaxing hours in the countryside, you do not want to miss your privacy and shield the neighbors’ curious eyes. You do not have to plant Thujen anymore! Unless of course you love them – but not for privacy reasons. Thujen quickly take on eerie dimensions and are only laborious to tame. The Skydesign News Garden Screen Protector is flexible, beautiful, easy to maintain and the material of high quality. The brand dividing wall, which makes good in your living space in the indoor version, is available in an indoor and outdoor version and can withstand wind and weather in your outdoor area. Visually, this garden screen is a feast for the eyes.

Terrace Privacy Screen

In terms of color, you can variably combine the base of the outer screen and the fiberglass or fiberglass rods. Very flexible, which matches your other garden furniture. With the additional variation of curved room divider sticks you can provide individual design. Whether garden, patio, balcony, gazebo, pool area or garden seating all the exterior of your property can easily get the privacy you need to relax and experience. Using several of the privacy screens together, you can create complete privacy systems and great – they’re virtually mobile. Bring your garden to privacy where you need personal harmony – the garden partitions are sturdy but lightweight and allow for easy transportation.

Different heights of the sticks make your outdoor area a real eye-catcher! The garden screen with special LED lighting rods, puts your garden in a particularly luxurious light and brings your outdoor area to light up at night! You can easily buy this garden privacy screen on the design homepage. If questions still arise, direct advice is on the spot. Skydesign News Garden Privacy screens, for garden, camping, balcony, terrace and the rest of the outdoor area, can be the design-beautiful option for you. Everything about flexible screens – Privacy protection can be found here! Graf Licht also offers lighting advice.

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Terrace Privacy Screen

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