Green Privacy Screen Mesh Sticks GFK Rods. Decking blinds perfectly staged. Mobile patio screen for feel-good hours. Whether on the balcony, terrace, or in the garden, the screens screen makes it possible.

This terrace screens transforms your patio landscape into a cozy spot. Carefree enjoy the terrace, with modern partition systems for the patio view. This not only gives you privacy against prying eyes. A Skydesign News outdoor partition is also windbreak! Windshields of beautiful design, super-innovative and use-oriented, must be carefully chosen. Skydesign News Möbel_Quality withstands wind and weather. The material of the sun protection system supports that it is windless at your favorite places around house and yard. Why is a patio wind shelter so important to you? It is so comfortable then comes a fresh breeze and makes all the pleasant atmosphere uncomfortable. You get up blankets or a thin jacket, but it’s not the same anymore.

Whether on the balcony, terrace, office, reception, meeting room or in the garden, the screens screen makes it possible.

Or you want to read the paper, do paperwork, play cards, or do things outside that make the wind uncomfortable. It is not every evening from the outset lukewarm and Mediterranean, but of evening hours in the open air in a cozy light, it should not stop one. Therefore, terrace windbreak, wind catcher garden furniture or design wind protection at the pool is so recommended. Once there is no more wind and you want to get more sun, you can do it with the terrace screen protector mobile and without any effort.

The Skydesign Marken Paravent, with its design variations on the fiberglass rods and the partition wall pedestals, provides combinations of color technology and shapely combinations. You want more details, Graf Licht offers information on the Internet or by phone from a specialist. A terrace screen for a diminutive get-together – Shimmering at night you can conjure up a patio highlight. Let your patio shine in a new light! Hotel facilities or guest gardens? You can also upgrade your infrastructure and offer it to your visitors, lighting harmony and protection against uneasy wind. Partitions and wind protection solutions are the secret tip on the drafty balcony!

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