Privacy Screens Green. Green privacy wall for the home and your catering business, terrace, balcony, garden, office, hotel reception, meeting room. With this privacy wall in green swing bring in your gastronomy, or living room or terrace.

The fashion wall is especially recommended for restaurants and restaurants. Awaken the interest of the company visitors and try out, with various design creations. The people at the next table do not bother with pleasurable eating or talking or they are not disturbed. But the bright of the dining room remains with this green, or white screen wall anyway received. For customers, a separate area can be created. At events, you can flexibly convert guest rooms, because this green or white privacy screen is movable and not heavy. Thus, room variations can be particularly fast, which often require larger celebrations during the construction and dismantling.

Privacy screen, privacy screen Partition for the terrace, or living room

For evening events, weddings, birthday parties or baptisms, you do not always have to exchange all furniture. Or there is a ball in your dining room, many decide to rent furniture for separation solutions, but this is not necessary at all. With this privacy wall you can vary according to the tempering, concerning the partition color and visual protection form. Nobel-innovative you can show with this room divider that you have with your own gastronomy on the ravages of time. Homely pleasurable corners can be created in the dining room or dining room. Do justice to the expectations your gastronomy visitors expect from you. Space parts Ridee! Separate into hotels or guesthouses, reception and seating areas.

Privacy screen Partition as room divider from the manufacturer Skydesign News

The gastronomy protection looks spectacular, thanks to its brand design, but it is unspectacular in dealing, such as in the garden. Tip: especially in the catering scene, the product type with the rubber base is gastronomic-ideal for additional outdoor use. Immediately insert the privacy screen on the guest terrace! Moisture and water do not bother her and she is undemanding in product care. Is it also reasonable for your home? Variation ideas and model modifications of the brand-end-wall system can be found at Graf Licht! Illuminated, the privacy screen is extraordinarily pretty! Home and home lighting solutions, hotel lighting or skilled use of illuminable glass fiber sticks – add a whole new dimension to the numerous lighting options for optics!

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