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With the design room divider screens from Skydesign News, you can subdivide your home into well-being areas. Subdivide your living and dining area or create in your living room, hidden, cozy cozy corners or quiet reading corners without hiding. The screens are mobile, illuminated and can be used flexibly. Doctors can design your practice ideally and, in your surgery, stylishly separate the waiting room from the entrance area. This way, you can ensure relaxed rest during operation and patients can feel comfortable in these areas. Other companies, no matter in which style or with which room layout the company is equipped, the screens of Skydesign News offer breathtaking, innovative flair. Your customers will love these room dividers as you enter the foyer.

With the Paravents sticks (fiberglass or glass fiber rods) you can creatively vary and divide as you like. The number of sticks can be variably expanded if it requires more privacy or if you do not want to hide completely or allow more light to enter your screened area. You can rely on the above-average brand quality from Skydesign News. The philosophy of the company is to align its designs with exclusive design, necessity and functionality. The furniture company is renowned for its meticulous, optimized quality control of design products and, through its select distribution network, ensures that your screens, among other design house furniture, reach the end customer in their incomparable quality and ideal factors.

The screens are the perfect solution for your different needs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the dividing wall is available in five different trendy standard colors (mint, wood color, black, may green and white), which you can individually extend upon request. Organize your ordination, restaurant or living room with the Skydesign News Screens, Graf News is available to answer your questions. You can find out about the dividing wall online.

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