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Room dividers not only have to be beautiful but also easy to handle. This mobile brand partition meets both criteria. Skydesign News The Belgian design brand relies on design and professional quality for its furniture. However, nothing is designed that is not functional and so this approach was taken up in the creation of mobile dividing walls as well. Use the TREND wall as a room divider & paravent where you want to create harmonious and useful areas in your home. The mobile brand dividing wall can visually separate the play area from the rest of the living area in a children’s room or living room. If this life situation arises, you can draw the screens as elegant and discreet borders, possibly between: living and dining area, kitchenette and dining area Work area or your reading corner and the lively bustle – how convenient is it for you.

Screens that are as flexible as your life! Some living situations require greater separation, others only a slight, optically indicated separation.

My tip: If you have fallen in love with this mobile branded partition and intend to purchase it, you can initially order less of the fiberglass sticks or fiberglass rods and get more transparency with less money. If a home situation requires later, more demarcation, you can easily and conveniently, increase the density of the partition and retrofit the dividing wall sticks. At Graf Licht, you can get smart in the online shop pages! An eye-catcher are the rods in elegant lighting.

With the base of the mobile brand dividing wall you can decide between three noble wood tones for inside suitable or for rubber which can be used for the inside and outside area. With the rubber base you can additionally select felt protection. A combination of cork and rubber is also available on request for partition walls. If you want to confine larger rooms, halls or halls in areas, the mobility of a partition can be very practical and important to realize events functional and stylish furniture design uncomplicated.

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