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Mobile wall elements partition in great design

Often you go through your home, the garden or the business and want a different layout or structure of its outdoor areas. Life sometimes brings unexpected twists and unplanned but now necessary changes in the premises and interior design. As the home grows, children, family members or pets will grow, and new areas will be created. The company is growing strongly, the number of employees, functional structures and areas of application of the company premises are changing and require new zones of use. Often elaborate plaster walls are pulled or blinds room dividers realized that are clunky and hard or permanently fixed and mean the next desired change again costs and time.

With this product tip I would like to show you a simple and innovative design of your living space or your business. Mobile screen wall elements from Skydesign News can be the solution. They are lightweight but stable, can be used as a mobile solution and designed in a variety of ways. Choose the density of the sticks, materials, length and the color that suits your needs. Mobile wall elements that are movable and of the highest quality. The design is exceptionally beautiful and, if necessary, the fiberglass and fiberglass rods can receive lighting. At Graf Licht, you can get expert advice and browse the range of design options for mobile wall elements in the online shop.

Outdoor Privacy Screens

The Outdoor Privacy Screens Images Fiberglass poles can be chosen ceiling high, make sense to get a clearer division or be chosen in shorter lengths to suggest a more subtle border. Not only in living and dining rooms, especially in the bedroom, the trend is moving in mobile wall elements. For a long time, the tendency was to separate the dressing area and the bedroom cupboard from the bedroom into a small adjoining room. Today, it is trendy and functionally useful to optically separate the bed or sleeping area of ​​the wardrobe and dressing area with mobile room dividers. A design wall element with elegant glass rods creates the luxury effect and becomes an optical highlight.

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