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Off to the Home Sweet Home – after a hard day you want to end the evening on the balcony. Translucent is the screen screen privacy screen, but a reliable shade dispenser. A sunshade, without that you feel harassed and without letting the balcony look smaller. The narrow fiberglass rods ensure the openness that is desired on balconies. You can choose these arbitrarily in relation to the number of pieces. The sticks are subtle but can be a lot in terms of their stability!

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A cloudburst – the outdoor type of this partition wall withstands any kind of wetness. This balcony screen is clever! It’s a mobile protection, the advantage of it – park it where and how it is convenient. So you can redecorate to your heart’s content – new upholstered furniture, new plants, wind chimes, candles and all the other things in your outdoor decoration to follow trends and whims. The external vision protection retains class and flexibility. His materials as well as his look are consistent. Balcony partitions as privacy screens or screens are really hip this year. Superexclusive are the screens for the balcony, which are incidentally wind-protecting. They can shield you from the heat and always remain attractive. Dream design by a furniture manufacturer from Belgium. These parachutes are a novelty and exude a pleasant feeling.

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The attention belongs to you or rather the exterior of your property. With light variations you can let off steam and light up every corner. The balcony screen protects leaves as a home accessory a lasting impression. Graf Licht – here you will find more about this piece of furniture. A way of living that sets you apart from the crowd. The shape of the balcony does not matter, nor the size: whether it’s just a small balcony or a generous deck of a penthouse. Create individual balcony wall protection systems with individual partition parts as required.

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