Green Outdoor Privacy Screen. View protection and privacy for the garden or patio in a very special way. This way you look classy and super functional

Austrian design furniture so I would like to have them in my home. In particular, the design partition of Skydesign News – Neumoderner Blick protection, he shines classy at night and radiates friendly harmony in the day. An absolute all-rounder! He works in the garden, on the edge of a plot or the terrace just great. Imagine your invited guests coming and this beauty is waiting for you at the entrance. This privacy shield helps one to deny the view of neighbors and is not disturbed in comfortable company.

Green privacy screens for the garden, balcony or for the terrace

These design screens also have functional features. This look protection is mobile, lightweight but stable. As you may already know, it is also illuminated. If you have further questions, inquire. Graf Licht helps you to realize your dream home. Visit the online store for brands & design around your interior and find the Blick protection models that are right for you, your furniture and your life. There are wonderful models at inn-door as well as out-door room divider screens and look protection systems. Grill, celebrate, relax! Or, for a change, move your workplace outside. In the open air and fresh air, things are much easier to do by hand. This partition wall solution is opaque but not narrow, so that the natural habitat does not look artificial.

Green privacy screen for the office, or hotel furnishings

Whether for the interior, office space, larger event halls, garden, patio area, balcony, allotments, hotel complexes and restaurants, there are appropriate options for every living situation in the color and material design of this view protection. Play with color, shape and light! Stay flexible with the number of pieces and the height of the fiberglass rods. He is decoration for your garden. Specially selected garden furniture by designers always round off the overall picture of your garden.

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