Design room divider as a green splash of color in the trend. Brave the paint pot with the design divider

Confess color with the Design Room Divider by Skydesign News. Of course, this exclusive partition is available in all elegant classic colors, such as white, natural or black. But how about some color in the gray everyday life. The color green is again very much in fashion, not only in fashion accessories but also in furniture design. The qualitative brand Skydesign News offers this room divider in May green as standard color. In combination with the black rubber of the base, the green fiberglass rods are simply the blast.

If your home or office space already attracts a light or dark natural wood tone, the base of the Design Room Divider can also be chosen appropriately and blend in perfectly with the interior design environment. Green and wood always do themselves a favor and you come closer to nature. The super original design of this partition is an extravagant eye-catcher, which is the absolute all-rounder in terms of functionality. The screens are functionally mobile, the May green light sticks are denser or cheaper to use in larger numbers in smaller numbers or more transparent.

The high-quality design room divider helps you create practical and modern cozy areas – and make this bold and individualistic!

The color green is not only colloquially the color of hope. It stands for the teaching of color emotions for peaceful, natural and healthy. Whether you consciously set up your business and furniture for color meaning and color to teach your philosophy to customers, or if you just fell in love with that color. The May Green Design Room Divider by Skydesign News is a must have. With Graf Licht you get the exclusive architecture partition wall divider in the online offer and, if necessary, personal advice. As a restaurant, private or public, you often have even more specific, functional requirements for the state-of-the-art Skydesign News room divider, here we are happy to help you find the perfect solution for your home decor or lighting questions.

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